The Creamery

at The Icehouse Project

125 W 2nd St #150,
Edmond, OK 73003

Monday – Sunday: 11am – 9pm

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The delicatessen is now open with sandwiches, soups, salads, cookies, brownies, scones, and coffee.

The ice cream and dairy market will open in late April.

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About the Farm

Beginning in 2019 the agriculture and business minds of Patrick Myers and Brandon Lodge set out to develop and create a new kind of agriculture company that promotes and sustains small family dairy farms. The mission is to connect rural farms to urban markets and to educate  people about where their food comes from and why it’s important to eat local. 

Property in the urban district of Edmond was identified and “The Icehouse Project” was born. A combination of historical, and modern buildings would make up the space that would be shared by a variety of restaurants, a brewery, and The Creamery.  This experiential retail development in the heart of downtown Edmond, is a social gathering place for the community just as the original Icehouse and Creamery were in the early 1900’s. 

The Creamery is a first of its kind retail market centered in an urban area for family farms of many types to share and market their products. The Creamery will offer a wide range of dairy products including cheese, curds, flavored milks, heavy cream, whip cream, butter and homemade Ice Cream. The source of all the dairy products at The Creamery is Fayrview Farms. 

Fayrview has evolved from a Multigenerational family dairy farm, that began early in the 20th century. The primary dairy cow breed throughout its history has been the Ayrshire, a breed that originates from Scotland. At the farm, milk is used to make all of the dairy products you see on the menu and throughout the retail location. 

Today the vast majority of community members are two or three generations removed from farming. Quite contrary to the first half of the twentieth century when most families owned a farm or immediate family owned and operated a farm.

Fayrview is building circular ag markets through vertical integration and collaborative partnerships with other local Oklahoma farmers producing a wide range of products.  The Creamery will source products such as honey, baked goods, and more to use in our deli and create a market for those products to be sold to customers that visit The Creamery. 

Wet Brewers grain from local breweries provide most of the grain fed to the dairy cows at Fayrview Farm, which gets turned into bottled milk, cream, cheeses, and ice cream and sold either retail or wholesale through The Creamery. 

As the story of Fayrview moves forward the core mission will remain the same, to always partner with other local farmers to bring the same high quality, locally sourced products to both rural and urban markets. The simple concept of partnerships with other small family farms to create growth and sustainability will invigorate the small family farm across Oklahoma and educate the public about the value local farms add to their health and local economy.

Do it for the Cows!

-Fayrview Farms